Use Cases

The many different ways to benefit from using SiteRecipe

eCommerce Providers

Do you sell eCommerce solutions or support eCommerce businesses? With SiteRecipe Pro you can get access to lists of website using specific eCommerce technology

  • Get lists of sites using specific eCommerce technologies like Shopify,WordPress and many more
  • Filter lists by location, find sites using one of these technology in France and filter that further by state, county , zip postal code and city.
  • Get even more creative with list filtering by vertical or keyword, once you create a report you can filter it by keywords found on the homepage of the website, such as 'dresses', 'sports' or brand names like Nikeā„¢.

Web Agencies

Web Agencies can go into SiteRecipe to find new customers

  • Competitor intelligence awaits with lists of agancies from around the planet.
  • Find local websites using premium web technologies -
    • Websites using technologies like Stripe in United States
    • Websites using Shopify in France
    • Download lists of the Top Ranked Agancies in France
  • Any list you create can be filtered by spend, how much a website is spending on its technologies so you can prioritize any lead list you generate.

Web Marketers

Find new and innovative ways to market your business.

  • Freely browse our SiteRecipe data to find emerging, popular and declining technologies to find niches
  • We provide useful technology tools to find details of web technology changes and trends globally -

Sales People and Teams

Narrow down your lead lists to make them actually useful and easy to manage.

  • Upload you own list into SiteRecipe to get detailed information about those sites.
  • Filter lists down to make them hyper targeted -
    • Filter reports by how much Internet Traffic they have
    • Filter reports by how much they are spending each month on web technologies
    • Use the SiteRecipe tool to visually identify what sites in your lead list are actually leads without wasting time visiting them manually
  • By adding filters to your lists you get a highly targeted list that you can then use the filter knowledge to cold reach out.

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