Find bellow some of the questions you maybe interested in learning about Siterecipe.com

How we detect technologies?

We detect technologies like the way Google's does, by web crwaling the web and using our own software and Machine learning algorithms to identify technologies around the web, we currently track the websites which are well ranked beyond top 10 million websites and provide reports with details informations and meta data which make it usefull for your bussiness Led Genration Reports.

How SiteRecipe can help me identifiy Leds for my Bussiness?

We track thousands of web technologies which are mostly used in the web our internal ranking system help us identify which technologies we should investigate most of our time tracking, we build auto generated reports which updated regularly to meet the most updated technologies,those reports can help you identify your targeted customers and give you a good insights on a bussines you want to contact for your B2B or B2C bussiness.

What Types of Data the Generated Reports have?

we provide you exclusive lists which can be filtred based on multiple factors and leads our reports provide you the following meta data provided by companies if we found it listed in the companies websites

  • Emails
  • Companies Names
  • Companies Address and street name
  • List of Phone numbers of the companies
  • List of Empolyees the companies our AI algorithm match to companies
  • List of Social media profiles including Facebook pages,Linkedin,Twitter,Twitch,Youtube,Vimeo,TikTok,Github and more
  • Companies Website verticals and cotegories
  • Companies Websites rankings inlcuding Tranco,Majestic
  • Numer of siteMaps the website have if configured
  • How fast the website is by calculating TTFB (time to first byte)
  • Reffering IP addresses
  • Reffering subnets
  • Many more to be ported in the next versions

What does a Single website report Have?

Each Website we track have a report generated and Updated periodiclly the website report have the list of technologies a website use and used in the past. We give you the Technologies we detected on the website and links to other website which use the same technologies, we also give historical technologies detections on the websites and the time the website's stop using certain technologie. we also provide you with the meta data reports for each website if the website is having contacts details

What are the reports Genrated using Pro versions?

Currently the pro version is not yet available for the public it is in the last steps for making it availble the pro Version will provide you reports based on the bellow criterias,you can rigist now and once the pro version is ready we will let you know

  • Location based reports
    the location based reports are generated based on the location of bussineses we ill give you the bussiness location for companies and if the companies have multiple offices we will give you all the office locations the compay currently listed to have.
  • Intersect Technologies reports
    Those reportes are reports filtred based on another technologie in common, so if you want to have a websites which are using Shopify as well as using Stripe you can generate a report using technologie filtring capabilities.
  • Top Level Domain selection (TLD)
    You can shoose to generate reports only for a specific domain tld example you want to generate technologies using 'Apache' technologie and '.co.uk' Tld.
  • Technologie Spending filtring
    You can filter reports based on Technologie spending on websites if you want to generate reports on technologies using more than 1000 dollars in there annual badget you can do that.
  • Traffic filtring
    You can filter reports based on Traffic, in this case you can select websites with high traffic or medium or even lower traffic
  • Vertical Filtrings
    You can filter reports based on verticals, sometimes you need reports only for some niches or categories, it is valuable to have a list of websites which have shooping vertical if you intended to target ecommerce websites rather than other niches.

What are the export options we provide?

once you are ready to export your list you can choose to export under one or many export options we have in the page export using PDF,CSV and EXCEL format as well as the CSV For details you can specify if you need to export on or all of the list of options bellow

  • Company Name
  • Vertical
  • Addresses
  • Contacts
  • Telephones
  • Emails
  • Social Media Links
  • Traffic statistics
  • speed statistics

You Still have other Questions?

If you have any question feel free to contact us at support@siterecipe.com

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